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iON Pool Care

Easily manage your service and maintenance business with iON Pool Care, a web-based software.

Stay ahead of your service business from wherever you are, with iON Pool Care provided by Zodiac® Pool Systems, Inc. Designed specifically for the pool service industry, iON Pool Care is a web-based application that offers the tools you need to keep your business organized and running smoothly.

Access customer information, service routes, and daily schedules on the fly from a smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer via any web browser. iON Pool Care syncs with QuickBooks® and ProEdge Build databases, so all information is centrally located, easy to look up in real-time, and available when you need it. iON Pool Care does not require the addition of any software on your personal device.

Quickly View Your Business

From the moment you log into your account, iON Pool Care allows you to easily view and manage daily operations. Intuitive flow chart and icon hyperlinks guide you through the simple process.

With iON Pool Care you can:

  • Track routes
  • Change schedules
  • Review customer account information
  • Track chemical usage
  • Capture pool and equipment images
  • Initiate invoicing
  • Plus much, much more!

Give your business the competitive edge with iON Pool Care!