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National Consumer Advertising

Consumer Advertising

Our Targeted Consumer Advertising Reaches Millions of Pool Owners

Zodiac reaches millions of Americans each year with its national consumer advertising campaigns in magazines, online, and via direct mail and TV, driving qualified traffic to your business.

Digital Campaigns

We offer the most integrated online marketing platform in the industry. In 2014, we delivered 48 million impressions, captured 2.4 million website visitors, and converted 26 thousand users into marketing prospects. Our campaigns incorporate:

  • Web ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

Zodiac and Polaris® Days

These storefront events are unique to brick and mortar dealers, and drive sales and create excitement. Zodiac provides world-class national and local event advertising, dealer event inclusion on Zodiac's website, free giveaways, special discount allowances, and more.

  • In-store merchandising materials provided
  • Up to 10% under LAAP advertising allowance
  • Dealer gets benefit of full consumer rebate amount
  • We advertise dealer events and rebates to drive sales

Consumer Rebates

Our new BullsEye Program ensures that consumers spend an exact amount or more to receive the rebate on suction and pressure cleaners.

  • Enhances retail margins
  • No more tiers

Free In-Store Merchandising

We deliver first-rate displays and point-of-sale materials that showcase products and promotions.

  • Bring attention to key events and products
  • Get quality graphics and marketing without having to hire someone to do it for you

We invest in our dealers' success.

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