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Dealer-Focused Policies

Dealer-Focused Policies

Zodiac proactively develops and implements industry-leading policies to drive in-store sales, build business, and protect margins.

Trade Series Exclusive

Trade Series Exclusive

We develop our trade exclusive models for brick-and-mortar dealers only. These products can't be found online and are available with differentiated and bonus features.

  • Includes new models of automatic pool cleaners and a new variable-speed pump
  • Allows dealers to break through internet clutter and differentiate
  • Zodiac can penalize customers who violate the trade series policy by refusing to sell them the exclusive products
Professional Installation Required

Professional Installation

This policy supports the proper and safe installation of pool equipment by limiting the warranty on items not installed by certified pros.

  • Installers must be professionals with sufficient experience in pool equipment and maintenance for warranty to be recognized
  • Professional installation verbiage is included in Zodiac product warranties
  • Helps prevent issues that can arise from improper installation of equipment, especially pumps, heaters, and control systems.


We strictly enforce our lowest acceptable advertised price (LAAP) list and believe that through targeted focus on our flagship SKUs we can protect the devaluation of the brand, extend the lives of products, and improve margins for our customers.

  • We send hundreds of violation letters each year
  • We remove Zodiac Premium® points from violators' accounts
  • Systemic violators are cut off from our incentive programs

We invest in our dealers' success.

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